Chantal Gakwaya

Chantal Gakwaya is the founder and CEO of Globecore Group. As a real estate connoisseur, entrepreneur, and business professional, she believes in giving back to others by excelling at customer service and prioritizing the need and well-being of both the customers and her employees. She is a Certified M&A Advisor and real estate broker with a certification in Mergers & Acquisitions from Columbia Business School. Despite her tremendous success, Chantal comes from humble beginnings, born and raised in Rwanda, a small country in East-Central Africa.

While living in Rwanda, Chantal had the exciting opportunity to travel to several countries. She spent most of her time living in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, South Africa, and Belgium, to name a few. Now residing in the United States, she has become a leading light in the real estate industry for two decades. Those who’ve had the opportunity to work with her as clients or team members recognize her for her charismatic personality and steadfast commitment to real estate investing.

Chantal was raised in a business family and had an entrepreneurial mindset instilled in her from an early age. After moving to the United States, she focused solely on her dream of building something from nothing. She pursued further education in the states, eventually graduating from the University of Southern New Hampshire with a double major in Business Science and Information Technology. Chantal began working for a Fortune 500 company before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, where she became a real estate broker. While remaining driven and passionate about real estate, she decided to take the leap of faith and start her business. This decision enabled her to make great strides in her career.

Entrepreneurial traits

Chantal is incredibly passionate about meeting new people and learning more about their cultures. Currently fluent in French, English, Kinyarwanda, and three other African languages, she enjoys speaking with others in their native tongues to learn more about them and their cultural backgrounds. Despite already speaking six different languages, she continues to study Mandarin and Spanish.

As a self-driven, highly motivated real estate professional, Chantal started Globecore Group to allow people to invest in real estate, no matter who they are or where they live. Having developed a new and more inclusive model, she hopes to open the doors to endless opportunities for those seeking generational wealth through real estate investing. Her philosophy is that building wealth through real estate should be a stress-free, gratifying experience. Chantal and her team make a consistent effort to simplify the real estate investment process in order to give any level of investors a chance to make well-informed decisions and reap rewarding outcomes.

Through her real estate endeavors, Chantal aims to positively impact the lives of others and continuously fund causes that matter most to her. She believes she can make a genuine difference by regularly volunteering and contributing to organizations like Same Here, which focuses on breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

Although real estate is her passion, Chantal continues to find time to do even more of what she loves when she isn’t working, such as learning how to fly helicopters, spending quality time with her loving family, going to the gym, and volunteering with different charities.

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